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Study in Singapore

Singapore is a global hub for education, entertainment, finance, healthcare, human capital, innovation, logistics, manufacturing, technology, tourism, trade, and transport. The city ranks highly in numerous international rankings, and has been recognised as the most "technology-ready" nation, world's smartest city, world's safest country,world's most competitive economy, recently over-taking United States and Hong Kong.

Singapore has always been considered an attractive education destination for prospective Indian Students, as it provides diverse opportunities in almost any field of study. Though known as an education hub for students looking for careers in the area of business and management, the country has recently built its reputation as a leading center for the pursuit of a Bachelors or Masters degree especially in the areas of tourism, hospitality, art, design, biotechnology, game design and development, animation, logistics & Supply chain management, information systems, finance to name a few.

Singapore is one of the safest countries for students, giving students an opportunity to develop in a cross – cultural environment. It provides the student with an excellent platform to enjoy and learn from global exposure at an affordable cost for the Undergraduate and Postgraduate level. With a multicultural society a business hub today, Singapore is globally recognized for its degrees – in it’s Public and private institutions. Today Singapore is the financial center for the world – the institutions here have collaborations with Universities – which provide opportunities on a global scale.


Our List of Institutions in Singapore:

  1. S P Jain School of Global Management

  2. James Cook University

  3. Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS)

  4. PSB Academy

  5. Raffles Design Institute, Singapore

  6. EASB – East Asia Institute of Management, Singapore

  7. Kaplan Higher Education Academy (KHEA)

  8. Nanyang Institute of Management

  9. Amity Global Business School

  10. Dimensions International College

  11. London School of Business and Finance

  12. Htmi Hotel and Tourism Management Institute

  13. MAGES Institute of Excellence

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