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Send us your profile for a complete and personalized evaluation of your study options across our wide network of institutions and get our professional counseling for the complete visa application and travel process.

At New Horizzons, we ensure every one of our candidates find their perfect opportunity. 

While you wait for us to reply,

you can go through some of the visa information and processes that we have listed for different countries below.

What is a Visa?

Visa - The most important part of securing the “Dream Come True”

On receiving the offer letter / I -20 depending on the Country of destination from the institution with funds arranged depending on payment of Full fees or part of any deposit required and securing the receipt – the VISA process begins.

Every country has it’s required documentation, along with processes and procedures that have to be duly and diligently followed and it’s essential that you as a candidate are well aware of requirements, rules and regulations.

A complete understanding of the process would be discussed with you in detail in order that we have a complete understanding of documents required with precision.
New Horizzons helps you with the student visa process, the procedure, application and supporting documents that are checked along with how to be prepared for the interview. Your success is our success here, we are known for your client appraisals and referrals – our name precedes our reputation.

Check out our Visa guidance articles on specific countries below:

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